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If you're looking for a holiday in southern Morocco, you're in the perfect place for it. We offer villas rented from an individual garden and a one or two or three bedroom, swimming pool, Aji Au Soleil offers many leisure places such as golf and tennis practice, large swimming pool, children's area, fitness rooms, spa, and a small market to buy open dining every day. Aji Au Soleil can also organize trips in the Atlas desert, where Aji Au Soleil villas are located between the cities of Agadir and Taroudant. Taroudant with its majestic ramparts, is one of the most beautiful towns in Morocco. Stroll in the shade of its walls full of history and whose towers have stood for more than five centuries to protect the ancient capital from the Saadian sultans. All day long, the sun strikes these high stone columns and bathes the city in a light where the gold of its rays blends well with the ochre of the walls. Agadir is one of the pearls of Morocco. Whatever the season, the sun pours its rays and the city enjoys a pleasant climate that the trade winds still soften. Above all, its 10-kilometre-long seafront offers tourists magnificent views of the blue ocean and the opportunity to laze around in the best conditions.

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